Today, transferring money and payment method have become quite easy due to digitization and applications. No wonder, innovation, technology & digitization have actually made money work easier for everyone be it marketer or customer. That’s why people need online money transfer apps. Luckily, there are various money transfer apps available online. You can use the apps to send or transfer money worldwide. But what are best and secured money transfer apps available? If you’re worried about this then here in this guide, I’m going to walk you through some of the best and secured apps to transfer money.

money transferring apps

Without much ado, let’s start this article and look at the apps.

Top secured money transfer apps for transferring money

Cash App

The first secured money transferring app you have in the list is Cash App. Earlier the app was called Square Cash and renamed after. This is the popular app in digital generation for transferring money. The app is mostly used in the US and the UK. Let me tell you that payment made through this app between these two countries marks a mid-market exchange rate. The best thing about is this app is that it’s all in one app because it’s a bank, a money transfer app, a brokerage app, and provides coupon service.


Another money transferring app you get to see in the bucket is MoneyGram. Through this app you can easily send money directly to someone’s bank account. Even to their virtual account, to their mobile wallet, or to any one of their locations worldwide. Moreover, MoneyGram can let you make payment domestically as well as internationally. Through this app, you also get discount for transferring money.

Google Pay

Google is a giant for everything whether you talk about search engine or providing product services. So, here Google offers Google Pay allows you to send money in the US and India. However, other countries can also use this app for online shopping payments. Like virtual wallet, you can connect this app to your bank account, debit cards, and credit cards. Moreover, you can also create groups through money management tools to message people to split the bill. Accounting firm also recommends their clients to use this app. Google Pay is the most convenient way to transfer money between members in US and India.


Next secured money transfer app you can use is Venmo. This app is best for transferring money especially to friends. Let me tell you that Venmo is popular for being social payment feeds that’s why you have to keep your purchases private. Though payment apps are supposed to be private one yet Venmo lets you talk to your friends and add emojis/stickers just for fun. Bank account and debit payments made through Venmo are free.


The most popular and secured money transferring app is PayPal. Through this app you can send money about to anyone by asking their email address in more than 200 countries worldwide. For example, you can send your kid money for his collage. The interesting thing is that PayPal is more than just a money transferring app. It’s a virtual wallet. You can keep cash in it and connect to your bank account, debit cards and credit cards to make online payment. Let me tell you that bank transfers are free but there is charge for making payment through debit and credit cards.

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I hope you have read about each and every money transferring app I have listed above. All the apps are secured and popular worldwide. No scam or cheating case has been filed against these apps. So, you no need to worry about apps and move forward to use them with free mind. Based on your requirement and preference, you can choose the app for money transferring online. If you still have any concern and doubt regarding anything, Kayabooks is here to offer you financial consultation. So, what are you waiting for? Just take control of your finances with Kayabooks.

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