How to allocate and manage your business expenses?

To run a business successfully, one has to manage their finances, expenses, and money inflow and outflow in the business. Isn’t it? In today’s competitive market, every penny invested is important to determine the ongoing success of your business. Regardless the size of your business, you have to know the skills to manage and allocate […]

Top smart accounting automation software for you

Are you looking for ways to make your accounting work smarter, easier, and productive? If yes, then you have spotted the right place. Gone are the days when you would indulge yourself into spreadsheet, paper export, and do lots of data entry. Today, technology and automation have been introduced which have made accounting work much […]

Top 5 reasons to get rid of an accountant

Accounting is one of the most delicate field as it is associated with business finance particularly. To manage the business finance and money matter, the need of hiring an accountant arises. Being a business, you might also have hired an account for your in-house team, right. But have you ever thought of getting rid of […]

What should be objectives of a finance team?

Having an objective is important for any size of the business.  Whether you’re running a small business, medium, or large one, setting objective is crucial. Based on the type of company, objectives can be set differently. Likewise, objectives should be different for a finance team in an accounting firm. If you’re running an accounting firm […]

The complete day to day bookkeeping setup for you

Are you struggling to maintain or manage your bookkeeping? If yes, you have found a better way to this article. Why? Because in this article I’m going to put emphasis on day to day bookkeeping setup for you. Before that let me give you a spoiler alert here – bookkeeping is the process of recording […]

Importance of financial management in business

Financial management is not a new norm. It was also there during the time of king and kings; it is here in the time of digitization as well. That means managing business finance is crucial to keep the business on track. If you see every business runs after managing their finances but aren’t serious for […]

Reasons you should be hiring accountant for your business

Running a business of any size or type isn’t a cakewalk task. You have to make investments and keep an eye on your business expenses, right. However, to save business expenses, you may ready to manage a lot of tasks on your own. Though there are plenty of tasks, you may want to manage on […]

Top invoicing apps help you save/make money in 2021

Today the time has changed, so the perception of doing business. Everything has become online with the introduction of newer technologies and digitization. And that’s the reason why businesses and accounting firms are looking to make and save money. If you’re one of them who have this feeling to make/save money in 2021 then this […]

How general ledger accounts are used in Bookkeeping?

In any business, finance industry, or accounting firm, general ledger accounts are crucial to keep a record of business transactions. Any small business can have 4-5 general ledger accounts and a large business can end up having with 100s of general ledger accounts. In my previous article, I talked about chart of accounts, let me […]

Everything you need to know about a chart of accounts

Have you ever come across the term ‘chart of accounts’ in finance industry of accounting firm? If no, you may be lacking something effective and essential thing in your business finance. But it’s never too late because you have found your way to the right article. If you want to secure your business transactions, finance, […]