We all live in a world, I would rather say digital world where cybercrime or cyber attract is serious threat for any individual, government, businesses, and accounting firms especially. As the technology gets advanced, accountants tend to adopt it to run business in more effective way. But if you’re adopting new technology without realising potential cyber threats surrounding them, it will cost you a lot. Cybercrime happens when cybercriminals use computer technology to access or exploit personal data or business trade secrets, especially for malicious motive. Let me tell you that accountants and CPAs are responsible for keeping their data safe by leveraging data protection practices and maintaining overall business security.

Not every accountant is efficient in managing cyber-attacks but there are some accountancy practices that can tackle cyber-attack effectively. I know you surely want to know. This will enlist those accountancy practises that will help you tackle cyber-attacks.

Let’s now start.

Some accountancy practices that will help you tackle cyber-attacks


# Always stay observant

The first practice any accountant should perform is by staying vigilant at the time. You can never know when your system is going to be hacked by hackers. It can happen any time. Most of the time you open email from unknown sources which seem to be legit, this is when you give invitation to hackers to attack your site. Therefore, never try to open unknown emails or click on pop-ups. If you feel something is suspicious then double check anything if it is unclear. Also, never share your personal data and information to outsider or third-party unless you trust them.

# Secure your computer with software

Computers are prone to cyber-attacks, right. It is important as well as your duty to keep your computer safe and secure from spammers. What you can do is just install right malware protection software on your device. After installing, make sure you regularly update the software and keep your system up to date also. Don’t forget that cybercriminals are experts in intruding into your system therefore make sure that you keep a good and strong password by including a combination of lower and upper case letters and special characters.

# Backup your data

Another practice you can use to save your data is taking backup of the data and important files from cloud-technologies. You should know that cloud-storage can largely improve efficiency and convenience. However, some cons are also there but they don’t decrease the performance. Therefore, always backup important data so that you never lose important information. In fact, you can use cloud services to backup data in it. But make sure you keep backup safe from IT systems.

# Use anti-virus software

Next practice you can use to protect your data from hackers is by using anti-virus software. You need to run and update anti-virus software which is considered to be the best preventive measures. Once in a week, you can update software which helps you in reducing the risk and damage associated with viruses. QuickBooks is the best example for your accounting work. There are more software available in the market. You can choose the one which can fulfil your requirements.

# Change password frequently

Frequently changing password reduces the chance of hackers having to access your account. Additionally, if you are a victim of a phishing attack you need to change all of your passwords right away. Also, make sure that the password you are creating is strong enough that hardly hackers open it. Moreover, don’t keep a single password for multiple accounts; it increases the risk of phishing attacks.  

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Summing up

With innovation and advancement in technology, cybercrimes are also increasing. As a businessman and accountant, make sure you keep your information, data, file safe and secure with accounting practices. It is important for you to follow the above mentioned practices to save yourself from cyber-attacks. Once you’re attacked, it would be hard for you to get data back. Hackers tend to misuse data and information and then blackmail you for the money. So be safe and secure with accounting practices.

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