Does the QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 176103 prevent you from working on or accessing your QuickBooks? If so, you can read here to discover the potential causes and fix for this problem. Normally, your Point of Sale system experiences this issue. The POS system’s inability to authenticate its licence as a result of a damaged component is the primary cause of this error.

The following issue may appear whenever a user attempts to validate the QuickBooks for Point of Sale Desktop licence:

Reason of Occurrence 

While you are getting ready to check QuickBooks for point of sale desktop license, error 176103 from QuickBooks Point of Sale appears. Understand the potential causes of this error:

  • Date of the computer system is incorrect
  • Wrong validation code has been put up for an upgrade copy of POS is entered
  • Damaged Entitlement
  • Incorrect license number
  • At the time of registration, prior version CD is not inserted.

How to Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 176103?

You can use the troubleshooting techniques shown below to solve this error. To obtain immediate assistance, you can speak with our QuickBooks error fixes staff.

Solution 1: Validation code should be entered correctly

Hyphens and spaces are not permitted in the validation code. To find out if the validation code was entered correctly or not, get in touch with technical assistance.

Solution 2: Check the date of your computer system

From System Tray:

  • Click on time or date, and click ‘Change date and time settings’
  • Change the date and time.
  • Update the time and date.

From Control Panel:

  • Go to Control panel.
    • Windows 10, 8.1 and 8: Right click on windows icon and select Control Panel
    • Windows 7 and Vista: Click Windows Start and select Control panel
  • On the Control Panel window, click on ‘Clock, Language and Region’.
  • Click on ‘Date and Time’
  • Now Update the time and date

Solution 3: Display all the hidden files and folders

Windows 10, 8.1. Or 8:

  • Press Windows + S keys and open the search box. Type folder in it
  • Choose ‘Folder Options’ from the list of search results, and click ‘View’
  • Now, click on ‘Show hidden files, folders’.
  • Uncheck Hide protected operating system files and Hide extensions for known file types.
  • Click Apply and then OK.

Windows 7 and Vista:

  • Right click on Windows start and select ‘Open Windows Explorer’
  • Click Organize and choose ‘Folder and Search Options’
  • Now click on View and choose ‘Show hidden files and folders’, and click the button to clear Hide protecting operating files
  • Finally, Click Yes as soon as the warning appears.

Solution 4: Remove contents of Intuit Entitlement Folder

  • Go to: C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8
  • Press Ctrl + A keys and delete buttons.
  • Open Point of sale and complete registration process.

Solution 5: Perform a clean reinstall of POS

Uninstall your QuickBooks Point of Sale and Reinstall with Clean Install Option.

Important Note:

Before performing this step, you need to ensure the following points:

  • You have QuickBooks Point of Sale installation CD or downloadable file
  • You must have Product Number and License number available
  • Ensure that you have created QuickBooks POS backup for all data files
  • You should have all the credentials of Windows Administrator

Solution 6: Delete the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file

To solve the licence and registration problems, according to the instructions and erase the damaged EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
  • First of all Open the entitlement data folder for your operating system and your QuickBooks Pos version.
    • Now press Windows+R keys to open the Run window, on your keyboard.
    • After that enter C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (or v6) and hit on the Enter key. (Note: The folder location is the same for all QuickBooks Desktop and QB Enterprise versions.)
  • Next, Give a right click on EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
  • Choose the Delete option.
  • Now click on Yes to confirm you want to delete the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
  • Finally, Open your company file and follow the screen given commands to register the application.

After using the suggested remedy, we hope you will be pleased. But if the QuickBooks error number 176103 on your Point of Sale still exists or if you experience any other issues related to it. Then, feel free to give our QuickBooks point of sale support team a call for an immediate fix. Simply call +1-866-987-995, which is our toll-free number, to get started.