Cloud accounting is the buzzword in accounting industry. If you’re associated with this industry, you will be familiar with this term for sure. No doubt, cloud accounting has made accounting work remotely accessible for everyone worldwide. As the technology is advancing accounting industry, more and more businesses are turning to cloud accounting, adopting cloud accounting software and solutions for your business. Though cloud accounting offers numerous benefits to businesses, you also can’t ignore the cons of it. Every coin has two sides, remember?

pros and cons of cloud accounting

Therefore, in this guide, you’re going to read about the pros and cons of using cloud accounting. Without beating around the bush, let’s live in below.

First we’ll start with…

The Pros of Cloud Accounting

✔️ Simple and convenient method

The first benefit of using cloud accounting is that it is a simple and convenient way for businesses to do accounting and bookkeeping work. If I take an example of accounting tool like Xero then you no need to wait on lengthy installs and setup periods. Cloud accounting makes work accessible in a jiffy.

✔️ High security

Why accounting firms rely on cloud accounting is because the high security it offers to them. The security features you get from cloud accounting include access control, storage data encryption, user authentication, and network protection to save your data and information from hackers.

✔️ Cost-effective solutions

Who doesn’t want to save money? Not only does cloud accounting offer security solution, but also an economical way to keep crucial data secure. You no need to pay on installation, maintenance, and upgrades. Let me tell you that cloud accounting is handled entirely by in-house providers. You only pay when you access software.

✔️ Progressing towards paperless work

As you know cloud accounting is handled entirely digitally, which simply says that stop relying on paperwork. With cloud accounting, you save amount on paperwork. So your money, information, documents, and reports are saving on your own computers. Moreover, you can also take backup where you don’t even need physical copy as well.

✔️ 24/7 Access from anywhere

Since cloud accounting is online, you can access it from anywhere worldwide. So it is accessible from anywhere you want. For example, when using QuickBooks accounting software, you can access it from anywhere online. To access it, you just need laptop, desktop, PC, mobile and internet connection as well.

✔️ Streamline process

Next benefit of using cloud-based accounting is that you get to avail streamline process. Why it is so? Because cloud-based accounting helps businesses eliminate duplicate work and allow faster collaboration between team members. So this an added advantage for you.

Let’s move further and talk about…

The Cons of Cloud Accounting

☹ Data hacking

No doubt cloud accounting is good at providing security to your data. But there is also a potential risk for data hacking and breaching. With the advancement in technology, online data breaching and spamming have been rising. So you have to beware of this.

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☹ Online access only

Cloud accounting is accessible worldwide right as it is an online platform. But the disadvantage of it is that you need proper internet connection to access the cloud. Unless you have good internet connection, you can’t access data and information. Make sure to keep this point in mind.

☹ Lack of specialized tools

Cloud accounting is good for businesses especially for small business. Because it provides all the functions which businesses need. With growing diversity in accounting industry, you must research the great software for your business. When you find specialized tools, make sure to implement them in your business.

Final synopsis

So guys, in this article, I have managed to enlist all the pros and cons you get from using cloud accounting. But if you’re new to cloud accounting or with any software, then we recommend you hiring bookkeeping services in Los Angeles. So I hope you found this article informative and understood all the listed pros and cons. So when are you going to implement cloud accounting in your business?

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