Simple Ways to Fix Quickbooks Error 15203

You can manage your main accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities with QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Error 15203 warning may show on your screen when you are using. But because you’ve never seen this mistake before, you’re perplexed about what’s going on and why I can’t proceed.

Just remain calm. Since we are here to save you from this situation. We’ll give you an overview, followed by its causes, symptoms, and solutions. To successfully fix this error on your devices, make sure you’ve read this article all the way through and have correctly followed all the instructions. Let’s get going now.

What is QuickBooks Error 15203?

Hexadecimal partition is the cause of QuickBooks Error 15203, and Windows operating system caused it. This problem can also appear when updating QuickBooks to the most recent version or when the installation of QuickBooks is incomplete. Users might see the following error messages:

  • QuickBooks Error 15203 crashed.
  • Install QuickBooks Error 15203.
  • QuickBooks Recovery Error 15203.
  • Download QuickBooks Error 15203.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 15203

Following are a few listings that can result in QuickBooks Error 15203:

  • If you were using a defective memory package.
  • There’s not enough disk space to complement the new package.
  • Sometimes memory control programs can create problems so it’s better to uninstall memory management programs.
  • Sufficient RAM is needed to achieve the goals.
  • Try to restore the memory and then restart.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15203

Now you have understood the cause of this error so you must look at the symptoms.

  1. The digital signature certificate is not valid.
  2. The Internet connection is very weak.
  3. Windows crashed and the screen turned blue.
  4. Due to a virus or any exploit attack.
  5. Corrupted QuickBooks file or incomplete installation.

Steps to Find a Memory

  • Firstly, restart your RAM and the temporary sync or remove any installed memory stick. The special program is easily available to diagnose system memory difficulties. Windows Vista and Windows 7 pre-installed the memory diagnostics program.
  • If you want to provoke it then click on the Start tab and then enter the Memory in the Operate topic. Then you have to perform a reboot of the memory test.

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 15203?

You have the five easiest options to solve QuickBooks error 15203:

  1. Manual Method.
  2. Automatic Method.
  3. Run “Reboot.bat File”.
  4. Install Digital Signature Certificate.
  5. Upgrade QBs Desktop in Safe Mode

1. Steps to Solve errors with the Manual Method

This method can be used by high-level users to fix this error in QuickBooks.

Solve QuickBooks Error 15203 Manually

  • Firstly, you need to restart your system and sign in as Admin.
  • Then tap on Start and choose All Programs.
  • After that select Accessories and click on System Tools.
  • Now, hit the Restore System and choose to Restore the personal computer on the first computer.
  • Select Restore Point and press Next.

2. Steps to solve error with Automatic Method

This method is for Amateur laptop users. Follow the automatic method below and fix your QuickBooks error code 15203


  • Simply download QuickBooks error 15203 Repair Software.
  • Then install the software and choose the Scan button.
  • After the scanning finishes tap on Fix Errors.
  • Lastly, you can start your system.

3. Run “Reboot.bat File”

A group of files known as Reboot.bat can be found in the QB’s programme files. One of the best solutions to fix QuickBooks problem 15203 is to run Reboot.bat files. Here’s how to go about it.


  • Close your QuickBooks and get the folder that has the reboot.bat file.
  • Then click on the reboot.bat file and once the reboot process finishes.
  • At last, check if the error gets resolved.

4. Install “Digital Signature Certificate”

A digital signature certificate is a certificate in electronic format that identifies your institution. Fix this QBs issue by installing the digital signature certificate.

  • Go to C:\ Program Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks.
  • Then look for the .exe file and tap on properties.
  • After that click on the digital signature option and make sure that intuit is on the list.
  • Fill in all the details in the digital signature window.
  • Just go through the instructions to install the certificate.

5. Upgrade QBs Desktop in Safe Mode

You can upgrade your QuickBooks but try to do that in safe mode so that you can solve QuickBooks error 15103.

error 15203 QuickBooks : Safe Mode Update QuickBook

  • Close your PC and then restart it in safe mode.
  • Now, choose Safe mode and start downloading the QuickBooks update.
  • Then you can start your PC in normal mode.


We made an effort to cover all the topics that are important to you in this article. We anticipate that you won’t experience this problem again, but if you do, you can read through our other posts related to it or ping us. We have experts, and you can put all of your faith in them.