Clients are the heart and soul of any business without them there will be no business as the growth of the company will stop at some point of time. Don’t you agree? Suppose, you’re running a salon, if clients don’t come to you for hair cutting, shaving, or bleach then your salon will wind up soon. Agree? So business could be any whether it is small or big. But here we’re talking about accounting clients. Let me tell you that number of quality clients highlight the overall reputation of an accounting firm. As per the survey, 41% of accounting firms considered that getting new clients was their top concern. Getting new clients is crucial as they help retaining existing partners in competitive market. Do you also want to find more accounting clients for your firm?

Here you will be reading 7 ways to get new accounting clients. Let’s jump in below.

accounting clients

7 ways to acquire more accounting clients for your accounting business

Make sure you read every point thoroughly to start getting clients to your business. Have a look below –

1. First identify your target clients

The first step you need to take when acquiring clients is to see who your target audiences or clients are and who most ideal client for your firm is. Here you’re required to make a list of your existing clients and then give them a rating. The rating you give will be based on few factors that go by your strategy for example –

  • How simple or burdensome is to work with them?
  • How much revenue they help in generating?
  • Are they helpful enough to create a network with potential clients?

You can find more reasons as per your ideas to fetch new clients because they will directly impact future growth and revenue.

2. Have a quality website

If you have a website, half of the business battle you win here. But having a website and having a quality website there is lot of difference between these two. Research shows that 70-80% of individuals research a company online before they visit or make a purchase. Your website is an amazing place to communicate who you are and the valuable work you provide to your clients. If your website appears out-dated then you need to update it as soon as possible. Quality website adds glory in your digital marketing business as well as brings glory to your business.

3. Always ask for referrals from existing clients

If you provide good services to clients, your clients will automatically refers your business and services amongst their friends and friends’ circle. Well, your clients should be happy and loyal enough to do so. Otherwise, you need to ask your clients to refer your services within their friend circle. In fact, referrals from existing clients give business owners confidence in the firm that can help them easier to convert. Just make sure your clients are happy, loyal, satisfied with your services.

4. Make use of advanced technology

Technology gets innovating with each passing day. And as a business, if you are following the out-dated technology then you can’t acquire clients to your business. No doubt, it will be a foolish strategy if your accounting firm doesn’t make the optimum use of available technology. Well, you need to leverage most advanced accounting software, and provide cloud platform to your clients. You might know that cloud helps in providing remote access to your staff and clients working on the same project.

5. Be social

Another way to get accounting clients is to promote your business on social media platforms. Social media helps you brings visibility and traffic to your business. On social media, you can show who you are as a person and a professional. It is a platform where you can provide people an opportunity to know and trust you. In fact, you have to deliver useful and interesting content on social media so that you can bring more traffic to your site. As the traffic on social media grows, it will also grow your clients’ base.

6. Know your clients preferences

Next way to acquire accounting clients is to know their preferences. Here you need to be clear who you want to attract to your business. If you get low quality clients, this may not work for you to run a business effectively and efficiently. Therefore, use your past experience to determine what attributes you need in future clients then you can attract them easily. Having a pre-plan in hand helps you save your time.

7. Build up good and quality networks

The last tip you must follow here is creating good networks for your business. For that, you can attend seminars, conferences, events, and social events that will help you get more valuable clients without putting in extra efforts. Follow some strategies such as keep a list of guest in advance, start meeting key people and build a great rapport with them, and finally be patient and consistent in your strategy.

Summing up

An accounting firm doesn’t grow on its own. A lot of efforts are required to put in that establish the foundation of it in the industry. Moreover, firms also hire accounting services to grow their business in future. But acquiring clients is most significant part of any business, without clients, business can’t run. Therefore I have mentioned all the relevant points above in this article. Just follow and implement them in your business strategy.

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