12031 error When updating QuickBooks Desktop and its enhanced features, QuickBooks typically appears. A user may get a number of update difficulties when executing the QuickBooks update, with the 120XX series of errors appearing as a result of problems with internet connectivity.Along with encountering error 12031, QB encounters connectivity issues that make it impossible to use online services like payroll and banking. If you don’t have the right troubleshooting guidelines, fixing QuickBooks Error 12031 during an update may be difficult. We will discuss methods in this article that will make it simple for you to fix QuickBooks update problem 1203.

Description for QuickBooks update error 12031

QuickBooks service messages problem 12031 is one of many issues that users run across when upgrading QuickBooks. It belongs to the 120XX series of errors. While updating QuickBooks Desktop, Payroll, New Features, Maintenance Releases, and Accountant, you could get the issue. When a user encounters such a problem, QuickBooks shows the following error message:

QuickBooks Update Error

Error 12031: A network timeout that is preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server.
Check your internet connection setup in QuickBooks from the Help->Internet Connection Setup menu selection. Verify that your connection is set to use your computer’s internet connection
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Due to the difficulty of implementing this repair to remove QuickBooks error message 12031, we have also devised a thorough troubleshooting procedure.

Solutions to Fix Error Code 12031 QuickBooks

Let us now look at the solutions that will eliminate the 12031 error QuickBooks in no time.

Solution 1: Select Correct Internet Connection Settings in QuickBooks Desktop

If the update procedure is impeded by the error code 12031 QuickBooks, you might try changing the Internet Connection Settings. You can carry out these actions in this manner.

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop, and click Internet Connection Setup under the Help tab.
  2. Click Use My Computer’s Internet Connection Settings and then hit Next.
  3. Click Done and try to run QuickBooks update once again.
  4. If the Update QuickBooks window still shows errors like 12031, follow the next troubleshooting step and reset the QuickBooks updates.

Solution 2: Reset QuickBooks Desktop Updates

Any update error in QuickBooks can be tackled by resetting the QuickBooks Desktop updates. Try performing this solution and see if the application gets updated without the 12031 error QuickBooks.

  1. From under the QuickBooks Desktop Help tab, click Update QuickBooks.
  2. Click Reset Updates and then hit Get Updates.
  3. If you are still getting QB payroll update error 12031, then make sure your computer is connected to the internet.

Solution 3: Remove QuickBooks from the list of Blocked Programs in the Windows Firewall.

QuickBooks may experience a variety of issues when Windows firewall flags it as a potential danger to Windows security and denies it access to the internet. For instance, if you believe that the Windows firewall is to blame for the QuickBooks error 12031, follow the instructions in the article Allow or Block Programs with the Windows Firewall and allow QuickBooks access to the internet.

Solution 4: Run QuickBooks Updates in Windows Safe Mode

The Windows operating system’s safe mode restricts which applications can run in the background. This is an excellent approach to avoid the 12031 error QB and properly install QB upgrades. So, if the first three options don’t pan out for you, we advise trying the next one.

  1. Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard and then type msconfig.
  2. Hit OK or press Enter on your keyboard to open Windows System Configuration Window.
  3. Navigate to the Boot tab and then from under the Boot Options unmark the Safe Boot option.
  4. Click Apply and then hit OK to save changes.
  5. Restart your computer, and this time the system will boot in safe mode.
  6. Once the system is started in Safe Mode, try to run the payroll update once again.

Solution 5: Install a digital signature certificate

Let’s examine a different approach to resolving the 12031 QuickBooks problem. by setting up the certificate for digital signatures. This demonstrates to the system that it can trust QuickBooks’ update procedure.

  1. You must navigate to the C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks.
  2. On finding the QBW32.exe file, right-click on it and select the Properties option.
  3. Use the Digital Signature tab and verify that Intuit is specified in the signature list.
  4. Click on Details.
  5. Once you are present on the Digital Signature Details window, choose View Certificate.
  6. Next, use the Certificate window to select the Install Certificate option.
  7. Keep selecting Next until you see Finish. Press the Finish button.
  8. Finally, restart the PC.
  9. Launch QuickBooks and try downloading the updates.

Solution 6: Update the Internet Explorer Settings to solve the QuickBooks update error 12031

Here is the final remedy for the QuickBooks error 12031. Because they can be technically challenging, you must carefully follow the instructions to prevent any unintended alterations.

  1. Click on Tools and then Internet Options.
  2. Use the General tab to choose Delete.
  3. Select Temporary Internet files and then Delete. (Note – You must not select the delete cookies option.)
  4. Move on to the Connections tab and then the LAN settings.
    • Select the Automatically Detect Settings option while ensuring that Proxy servers are blank if you don’t use one.
    • Click on Ok twice.
  5. Choose the Advanced tab and scroll 3/4 down the list.
    • Verify that the SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 are marked and that the Check for publisher’s certificate option is unmarked.
  6. Now scroll down toward the bottom of the screen.
    • Mark the TLS 1.2 option.
    • Keep the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 options unchecked; unmark them if selected.

Even after using all the troubleshooting techniques, the problem message 12031 may occasionally persist. If you are unable to fix the QuickBooks error code 12031 for whatever reason, you may obtain immediate assistance from a trained professional by calling the QuickBooks certified staff at the toll-free number +1-866-987-9950.