Cash Flow Forecasting Software

Whether you are running offline business or online business i.e. digital marketing, one thing is important for every business which is the management of cash. Do you agree? Without having a full control on cash, you may not maintain the business accuracy in present as well as in future. Don’t you think it will be great if you could easily forecast about the cash flow? You should know that forecasting cash flow is a vital for any business. Not only is it important for firm to stand, but also helps in making investment in future. If you’re facing problem in managing cash then you must buy cash flow forecasting software in 2021. There are many companies who have bought software to easily access their cash flows. You can also go for software if you want to maintain healthy cash flow of the business in future.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to enlist 5 best cash flow forecasting software in 2021. Are you ready to learn? If yes, let’s have a look at below given list.

Top 5 cash flow forecasting software 2021

Make sure you learn each and every software given in the list below so that you can make a choice which one is best for you:

1. QuickBooks’ Cash Flow Forecast Report

This is one of the best and popular cash flow management available in the market. There are so many businesses that are already using this accounting software. QuickBooks offers very simple and easy cash-flow forecasting. If you’re a small company then this software is best for you to use. With this software, you can analyse different aspects of your business like bank balance, receivables, credit card ledger, and many more. In fact, QuickBooks is the best suited for small companies. The pricing plan of QuickBooks starts at $26.95/month.

In fact, this software helps you predict recurring expenses and income and then alert business owners about the future. It also shows what’s causing the money crunch problem and gives advices as per the situation.

2. PlanGuru

Another cash flow forecasting software comes in the list is PlanGuru. This software integrates with accounting platforms to provide users with both present cash-flow data as well as forecast about the future situation. Moreover, it provides an analytics tools to aid businessmen drill down and make them understand the complex financial data. Like QuickBooks, this software is also best suitable for small businesses. However, the functionality of the software is limited as compared to other software available in the market. In fact, the pricing plan of the software starts at $99.

Moreover, PlanGuru’s advanced methods let you plan budget and forecast for up to 10 years without creating formulas. Well, you also get cash flow projections to help you evaluate and enhance your business performance.

3. Scoro

Next software you can think of going with is Scoro. No doubt, this is a robust tool. It is basically made for cash-flow management and provides services accordingly. If you are running a large business then this software is best suitable for you. It is literally a business management tool which allows you to incorporate budgeting, customer relationship management as well as project management. Many businesses have praised this platform due to its reliability. Moreover, the platform charges you on-boarding fee $899. However, the monthly plan requires a minimum of five users starting at $22 per user per month. Even the software provides you all the features that help you manage your business finances.

4. CashAnalytics

If you’re running a big company then you will always need cash flow forecasting software for 2021. With this software, you can easily manage your cash flows as well as provides you prediction about your cash in future. However, with many features and functions, CashAnalytics provides insight for finance teams of larger businesses. One best thing about this software is that it is highly configurable and customizable. However the prices of the software vary depending upon the custom solution designed.

Moreover, CashAnalytics quickly automates manual cash reporting and forecasting tasks while allowing detailed analysis of current and future cash flow.

5. Float

The last cash flow forecasting software in the list you have is float. This software integrates with many accounting platforms. The software collects information automatically, that means you don’t have to spend time manually inputting data. Even the software helps you forecasting cash of your business so that you can make better financial decision in future. Moreover, Float provides you an idea as where your business is heading so that you can plan accordingly. In fact, the pricing structure of Float starts at $49.

The bottom line

Financial planning is indeed significant for any type of business. You can guess what would happen if you don’t manage your business finances and predict cash flow of the business for future. If you don’t know how to forecast cash flow then you can select one software that is best suitable for you from the list given above. Moreover, if you want accounting services then you can contact us.

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