Managing school is a combination of several tasks like keeping track of students’ performance, generating reports, managing staff, inventory, library, transportation, financial accounting, and so on. School management software is designed to manage such day to day school administrative tasks.

School Management Software

Using top-notch school management software, you can achieve efficiency and higher productivity along with saving time This is because such software allows schools to monitor and manage all their resources and information on a single platform without burdening themselves with huge data. Not only that it also helps parents keep a track of their children’s performance. Given this, more and more schools are now moving from traditional ways of school management and turning to digital solutions.

If you are looking for an effective school management solution, make sure it has the following key features-

> Student information system

> Attendance management

> School fee management

> Exam and result management

> Library management

> Staff information management

> Staff payroll management

> Financial accounting

> Inventory management

> Transport management

Along with these features, good school management software should have a simple UI, multi-user functionality, data security and backup, SMS and email integration, and cloud facility to name a few.

Below, we have put together-

5 best School Management Software

Below are 5 of the best School Management Software solutions put in random order-

1. MyClassCampus

MyClassCampus is a great tool for school management which comes with a 7 days free trial. MyClassCampus is a mobile-friendly app that comes with interesting features like Lesson Planning, Exam Scheduler, User directory, Fee & Finance management, Online admission with inquiry CRM, Leave management, QR attendance, User remarks, Shared calendar, Time Table Management, digital library, etc.

2. Vidyalaya

Vidyalaya is a great management software that allows full customization for schools, colleges, universities, training centers, and educational institutes. This enterprise resource planning software has a great web-based school management system that works and also works great on mobile phones. Along with that, it helps you move faster, save money, integrate on-premises apps and data anytime anywhere.

3. Ireava

Ireava is an excellent school management digital tool that helps schools manage their daily works efficiently. The software offers more than 30 modules that enables a seamless school management experience. On top of that, Ireava is easy to use, offers low pricing plans, works well on mobile phones, and ensures the safety and security of its users. Alone with that, Ireava is a choice of many because it provides great customer support and service.

4. Schoolbic

For modern schools and institutions, Schoolbic is great management software. For providing an excellent automation experience to teachers, students, parents, staff, and school owners, Schoolbic makes scheduling, curriculum & lesson sharing, tracking achievements & progress, fee payments, and many other school activities very very easy. This is an all in one school management digital platform that is loved by users as it has a simple User Interface that makes it very easy to use.


EDRP is an amazing digital solution for school management. With EDRP, schools can effectively automate data management. The tendency for errors when recording data manually has arisen the need for an automated solution and EDRP is just the right tool. With EDRP, schools can ensure flawless and efficient data recording. Along with being a great tool for school administration, EDRP offers mobile app for teachers and parents.


School management is a tedious course comprising of various tasks like management of student-related affairs, staff, library, inventory, financial accounting, and much more. To make sure that all these tasks are done smoothly and effectively, it is important to incorporate automation. With the digital solutions given above, schools and other educational institutions can avail one-stop school management experience. However, none of these options is necessarily a fit of all. Thus, it is important to find out which solutions caters to your need better and choose accordingly.

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