Finance is one of the crucial terms for any business to run it properly. Certainly, this is the one thing which shows you the performance and growth of your business. With the advancement in tools and technologies, businesses are availing latest accounting software to secure their business finances in 2021. But how efficient they are in managing their business finances; this is the main question here. You may or may not be facing problems while managing your business finances on your own. If you are making mistakes then you would surely need to follow top finance outsourcing trends to secure your 2021.

finance outsourcing trends

Wanna know what trends you could follow? If yes, you have to keep reading this article as I am going to talk about 5 finance outsourcing trends that you must follow in 2021.

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Top 5 emerging finance outsourcing trends you need to follow in 2021

1. Implementation of automated accounting

What automated accounting is? It is a process of recording financial data, storing, and processing of financial data that decision-makers use in their business. Let me tell you that 91% of businesses have already improved compliance. Now that you’re in 2021, you must also implement automated accounting in your business. With new automation technologies, accountants no need to spend much time, energy, or resources on manual tasks including spread sheets. With the help of automation, CPAs can spend time on value-adding tasks which require human-to-human interaction. When you outsource automated accounting, it eliminates confusion, reduce time-wasting, work load, minimise errors and enhances productivity level.

2. Cloud-based accounting

Another finance outsourcing trend you can follow in 2021 is cloud-based accounting. This accounting has been in force in digital marketing sector. This is the reason that cloud has become a popular choice for accounting firms due to its ability to better allocate digital resources and reduce the need for physical hardware. With cloud-based accounting, firms have access to their systems at anytime from anywhere. Therefore, every firm in 2021 must innovate and embrace digital transformation. Furthermore, the cloud-based service providers support accounting firm by assuming responsibilities for any software updates or system integration.

3. Upsurge in digital payments

Next trend you have in the list is increase in digital payments. Today world is rapidly altering and adapting the changing face of payments. According to the Accenture report, nearly 420 billion transactions has switched from cash to digital payments by 2023 and it will continue to go around $48 trillion by 2030. In fact, technologies make it easier for customers to outsource payments and for accountants are allowed to take those transactions into account. Let me tell you that digital business payments help in eliminating unnecessary manual invoice processing while saving significant amount of time simultaneously. In fact, digital payment process cut accountancy labour costs.

4. Use of blockchain technology

Blockchain is the most prominent word in the digital industry across the world. Well, it is an accounting technology which concerns with the transfer of business asset and maintaining general ledger account of financial information. In fact, there are growing number of companies and clients moving towards blockchain-modes of transactions.  As per the prediction, by 2023, worldwide spending on blockchain solutions will grow around 16 billion. Moreover, blockchain technology gives you a clear overview of your company’s available resources. In fact, some recent trends in accounting have witnessed more investment in blockchain-based projects.

5. Remote accounting work

You already know that 2020 year was badly affected by coronavirus pandemic due to which everything or every work became online. Accounting work is one of them. Companies started outsourcing accounting services to third-party agencies to manage their finances. If you aren’t able to manage finances on your own then you must follow remote accounting work trend in 2021. However, firms need to consider cyber security measures to avoid costly data breaches. Remote accounting work has become possible due to emerging technologies and digital accounting. Moreover, accountants will be responsible for delivering financial data of your business virtually.

Summing up  

As a business, if you have not thought of outsourcing finance trends in 2021 then you must follow the above enlisted trends. Let me tell you that outsourcing finance trends will help you grow your business in 2021 as well as in future. However, there are many benefits of outsourcing these trends as you will have access to experts’ advice and you can talk to them in person for queries you have. Moreover, you can also avail bookkeeping services which will help you manage business finances and accounting books effectively.  

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