One of the most concerning topics for any business is filing taxes. Whether you’re a small business or large, filing taxation is your duty and responsibility. But how to prepare taxes and how much to pay, these are some important questions. It is essential to prepare accurate list of taxes so that business can run smoothly. It is important for every business to accurately prepare taxes with effective tax software. In fact, using tax software to prepare taxes has become a popular option. Which software to use for preparing taxes, you ask?

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Well, this article will walk you through a list of popular tax software for your small business. This guide will help you find the right software for your business in 2021. So, let’s start and look at the list of tax software given below.

A list of top effective tax software for small business

If you’re searching for best tax software for your small business, just read out our given list.

# TurboTax Live

The most popular tax software in the market is TurboTax Live. This software is a one fit-solution for all needs. Turbo offers a huge variety or options and powerful features to suit all different types of businesses. Moreover, you can take photos of your tax documents automatically and start your returns using previous year’s info. Moreover, the software is compatible with mobile devices as well. You can check your tax filing status from there. And it makes the taxation process less painful.

The pricing plan of TurboTax Live starts at $90. You have option to upgrade it for $170 or a full service experience for $260.

# TaxSlayer

Whether you an individual or a small business owner, you can use TaxSlayer for a simple tax preparation services. The tool is popular for helping clients file their taxes and receive refunds quickly. In fact, it’s also easy to tailor the user interface to your needs. For that, you can use either file online or use a mobile device. Moreover, the software offers you features like setting calendar remainder for quarterly taxes and other relevant deadlines, offering mobile app and many other features. Moreover, the pricing plan of TaxSlayer starts at $47.

# FreeTaxUSA

Are you looking for budget friendly tax software for your accounting firm? If yes, then FreeTaxUSA is the budget friendly software available for you in the market. With this software, you can file your federal taxes for free, and a state return costs just $14.99. Moreover, the software also lets you integrate previous tax return information, providing email-based customer support, and accounts for over 350 credits and deductions. But let me tell you that this software is best for freelancers and sole proprietors because it is free and doesn’t offer much features as premium one.

# TaxAct

Another best tax software for your small business is TaxAct. It is a best free online tax filing software as it provides you simple and easy access to overall tax-filing process which also includes state tax filing. It provides features as unlimited support and access to up to 7 years of previous returns. In fact, the software has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to file taxes. The tool also provides you technical support; offer you mobile app, e-filing, and many more top-notch features. Though the software is free of cost, but if you want to use its higher services then you have to pay bucks.

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# DrakeTax

Next tax software we have in the list is DrakeTax. This is an accurate and easy-to-use software application for tax professionals and preparers who deal with small and midmarket customers. The software is very helpful in customizable reporting offering you complete insight into every aspect of a business operation. Moreover, it provides you a centralized view of the health and the efficiency of client’s business. Drake offers you many powerful features to help you prepare taxes for your clients accurately and efficiently. Moreover, the software is meant for accounting and tax preparation firms. And the pricing of the software starts at $330/year.

The bottom line

Tax is the most important part of your business. And filing a tax return each year is non-negotiable. However, the right way of filing taxes is crucial to your business so that business can run smoothly throughout the year. For that reason, choosing the best tax preparation software is not an option but a need. From the list, you can select the software which you think is right and suitable for your business. All the software is good for filing taxes.

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