When availing financial services from third-party provider, one thing businesses look for is the data security and performance improved tactics to clients. With the advancement in technology, data breaching, hacking, and spamming is also at peak. And the major threat is literally faced by the financial institution. Since growing demand of data security, no marketer or business can think of using the traditional desktops as they can’t cope up with the altering business requirements. That’s what calls for Desktop as a Service (DaaS) among businesses. This is a more flexible desktop solution offering improved solutions accompanying better security.

Desktop as a Service

Here in this article, I’m going to talk about the DaaS and how it helps financial institution to provide better data security. Let’s start from scratch.

What is DaaS?

As you know DaaS stands for Desktop as a Service. This term describes the cloud-based software tools used for working with data, providing full security, and analyzing data with business intelligence. In other words, DaaS is a means of providing cloud-based workspace to employees. The cloud accounting solution also provides you better data security.

Let’s move further to talk more about DaaS in financial institution.

Effective ways DaaS help financial institution

#Full data security

Data security is most important aspect for any business to secure their business finances, data, and information from fraudsters. If I have to give you data then as per records the cost of cybercrimes for financial institutions was estimated at USD 18.5 million. It’s huge amount in the industry. With DaaS, financial institutes get Ace Cloud Hosting address. In fact, the network monitors 24/7 security for any unwanted behavior in data traffic.

#All time accessibility from anywhere

Another effective way DaaS helps financial institutes is by providing all time accessibility to clients from anywhere around the world. Today, the market is advanced and globally operated; businesses often cater to clients from different time zones. In fact, professionals providing bookkeeping services in Phoenix also offer you accessibility of your data online. With DaaS, it becomes much easier to access data from anywhere around the world at any time. So, this is how you work with clients worldwide.

#Data recovery

Disaster can happen anywhere at any time and you’re not certain about it, right. If you’re still using old traditional desktop, even a single minor issue can lead to a blunder in your financial operations. Even natural calamity can also cause halt to your business if keep using traditional desktop. But when you use DaaS, it offers you robust disaster recovery plan to ensure to continue working on your desktop. Whether any disaster occurs or not, your data is always secured in DaaS platform.

#Cost effective solution

The most advantageous thing which DaaS offers to you is plenty of virtual desktops and you only pay based on the usage of resources. By using this, you get from buying high-end desktops for your office. Moreover, you can adopt Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy; here employees can use their own personal devices. With DaaS, the cost of buying desktop gets eliminated. Even the cost related to maintenance also gets reduced or eliminated.

#Compatibility with multiple-devices

When working on local desktop, all applications installed in single platforms and the risk of losing data is always there. If any problem occurs with your desktop, you might lose critical financial data. And let me tell you that you have to wait for long to recover the system back.

Whereas, DaaS provides you multi-device compatibility so that you can easily access your desktop from multiple – internet enables devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. It simply means that in any case one of your devices gets lost or damage, you can easily use another device to access the apps. In case, you want to avail virtual accounting services in Philadelphia.

The bottom line

Desktop as Service has become one of the most advanced desktop solutions for every financial institute or organization in present ear. It is much more secured and advanced software I would say. In fact, it is a complete package that helps you save your cost while improving operational business efficiency. Now that you have read the significant ways through which DaaS helps your business and financial institutes, make sure to use it in your business right away.

If still in doubt and want to get more information on DaaS, get in touch with us right here. We would be happy to listen to your queries and provide you valuable solutions.