First impression is the last impressions!

This is the most famous adage which we all are aware of, right. I am going to apply this adage to a website that every online business uses. As this blog is on business finance and accounting so as far as accounting website is concerned, the first impression is what retains clients to the site. The accounting sector is all about money and people won’t trust your services unless you prove your authenticity in services and let them know that yes you can handle the work properly.

accounting website

So, a unique, original, relevant, and trustworthy website is what will help you get the most out of your accounting business. You would obviously know that an accounting website is a business website that plays a significant role in any accounting firm.

To help you design the website, this article brings you some must-follow tips that will help you achieve goals.

Let’s jump in.

Important tips for you to design an accounting website

📌 Choice of a colour scheme

Colour plays a huge role in overall website design and when it comes to accounting website, light color is something that should be used. Light colors like light blue and pure white are the most prominent color of accounting websites. Including such colors in the website will result in retaining clients and visitors paying more attention. Well, colors are great for visual attraction and pleasing for eyesight. Moreover, you can also design your website with a grey color.

📌 Include an easy navigation bar

Another tip you should follow for website design is to add an easy and straightforward navigational bar that helps your visitors to look for the information they want. Let me tell you that your website’s navigational bar is the most significant element of your web design.  The navigational bar on a website makes users feel more comfortable while visiting your site. Let me give you examples of navigational bars through the following points below:

  • *Service 2
  • *Service 3
  • – Contact us

As per your needs and requirements, you can add navigational bars to make it easier for visitors to find relevant information on your website.

📌 Easy to read website page design

What exactly happens is that marketers fill the website will irrelevant information with too much text content that is difficult to read. To beautifully design your web page, consider the websites that you visit frequently. Most successful and popular websites always ensure to add text that is easily readable followed by the logical structure with unique headlines, adding images through the content. Below given tips you must keep in mind while designing a website page:

  • – Always keep relevant information on the top
  • – Make use of header to give visual hierarchy
  • – Follow the consistency in your structure
  • – Make your content readable by parting them in between

These rules will help you retain clients on site for long while exploring your site content more.

📌 Add call to action

The goal of any website is to get generate sales leads, so is your goal. If your website doesn’t have a call to action then what’s the use of the website you’re operating? You anyhow have to add a call to action button so that users can solve their queries by asking you questions related to accounting. What kind of actions you can include? Here is the list, just look at the below:

  • – Call us today!
  • – Get in touch!
  • – Contact us!
  • – Solve your queries!

And many more to add to the list. Having these calls to action on your website will help you increase your conversion rate ultimately.

📌 Protect data with secure client portal

Phishing, scams, and fraudulent activities are unfortunate parts of online business no matter what business you’re running. You will be attacked by hackers who will steal clients’ delicate data and information. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to save clients’ data from hackers and spammers by any means. Here what you need to do is build a secure client portal that will give reason to your visitors to return to your site again. It will also help you improve your site ranking on Google.  

The bottom line

Finally, the ending part of this article says that if you’re running an accounting website then make sure it has an attractive design that can easily catch the attention of your visitors. Well, if you want to learn more about web designing then take the help of Curvearro, a digital marketing agency and web marketing partner of Kayabooks. Moreover, if you have any query related to business finance then Kayabooks is here to help.  

Just get in touch with us and get your queries solved.