Find out how to fix problem number 6143 in the QuickBooks company file:

Are you baffled by QuickBooks error number 6143 and unable to come up with a suitable way to fix it? There is no need to worry, though, because this article will inform you of the numerous causes of this error number. This mistake typically manifests as a result of a problem with the business files.Additionally, it could be brought on by incomplete or broken QuickBooks installations or corrupted system files. This may also be brought on by entries in the Windows registry that have been removed or damaged. This problem crashes the active Windows screen and is accompanied by an error message. To make sure that all of the QuickBooks tasks are carried out successfully and without hiccup, it is essential that we address the problem as soon as possible.

If you want to learn more about QuickBooks error code 6143, its causes, and solutions, be sure to read this post all the way through. You can also talk to our technical expert team about your concerns. Our team will do all possible to offer you timely and superior technical assistance.

Factors causing the QuickBooks error code 6143

Any of the following reasons could lead to the QuickBooks error code 6143:

  • In case there are corrupted entries within the Windows system files.
  • Incomplete QuickBooks desktop installation.
  • You may end up with this error when a message pops up on the screen stating Sorry! Something went wrong! Please try starting over“.
  • When you acquire a new credit card or account number, the bank may decide to link your QuickBooks and bank accounts together.

Latest methods for Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Code 6143

By using the solutions listed in this article, it is simple to fix the QuickBooks problem code 6143. Let’s go through each approach one at a time:

Method 1: Opening a sample company file locally installed on a workstation

Opening an example company file that is locally installed on the workstation is necessary for the first technique. Verifying whether the problem is related to the company file involves opening the sample company file. If the sample company file won’t open and instead displays an error message, the QuickBooks installation is broken. These are the procedures to be followed:

  • In the inception, select Open a sample file in the No company open window.

  • Afterward, select from the list of Sample company files.
  • In case the sample file opens, you need to open the file locally. On the contrary, if the sample file shows the same error message, then in that case, repairing the QuickBooks installation becomes indispensable.

Method 2: Configuring antivirus software and firewall ports

You may experience the QuickBooks Error 6143 if your firewall and antivirus software prevents access to particular QuickBooks programmes or files. You might also try setting up an exception for the QuickBooks programme and configuring the firewall ports.

Method 3: Terminate all QuickBooks processes

CLOSING ALL PROCESSES RELATED TO QUICKBOOKS IS ANOTHER EFFECTIVE WAY TO FIX ERROR CODE 6143. The following steps should be taken when using this method:

  • Initially, you need to log in as the administrator.
  • Subsequently, press the Ctrl + shift + esc keys which will display the task manager.
  • Now, choose the users tab to Show processes for all users.
  • Close all the QuickBooks-related tasks by clicking on the End task option.

Method 4: Open the company file locally

You can check to see whether there is a problem with the company file’s location by opening it locally. If the file opens while it is still saved to the desktop, the location is likely damaged. Even after altering the location, the file can still not open, which indicates that it is damaged.

The procedure to be implemented to open the company file locally is elaborated as follows:

  • At first, Open the folder having the company file.
  • And then Search for the file that has Extension of QB.
  • Once you locate the File, proceed by right-clicking on the file.
  • Afterward, choose Copy and move to the desktop.
  • Now, right-click and select Paste while pressing the Control key.
  • Once you have successfully copied the file to the desktop, Open your QuickBooks.
  • Proceeding ahead, you need to Move to the no company open window.

  • And also, choose Open or restore an existing company.

  • Finally, close all QuickBooks processes.

Method 5: Rename the .ND and .TLG files

Renaming the damaged.ND and.TLG files in some situations can fix QB error number 6143. You can stop QuickBooks from accessing these files by renaming them. As a last resort, when you reopen the QuickBooks software, it starts from scratch. Follow the steps listed below to rename the files:

  • Access the directory containing your company files.
  • Select the File with the .ND and .TLG extension.
  • Right-click on them and choose Rename.
  • Add ‘.old’ towards the end of the files and hit ‘Enter‘ key.

  • Restart the computer and check if the error code 6143 shows up again.

Method 6: Clearing space within the File name of the company file

The final effective step to fix this QuickBooks mistake entails removing the blank spaces from the file name of the company file. Users must go to the QuickBooks destination folder to do that. Here are some quick steps:

  • Make right-click on the Desktop icon of QuickBooks, followed by opting for the Properties option. (If the QuickBooks icon is not available on the Desktop, then, in that case, access the same via the Start menu, and then move to Properties).
  • Once the user is in Properties, click on Open File Location. This move will directly take users to the QuickBooks folder. Look for the Company files folder within this folder and open the same.
  • The subsequent step demands right-clicking on the company file and then hitting the option to Rename that file.
  • Now, make sure that there exist no spaces in the file name of the Company file. Soon after, click on the screen to reflect the changes made to the file name.
  • Now, once again, open QuickBooks and double-check if the technical issue has been resolved once and for all.


You must already be familiar with the simple workarounds for the QuickBooks error code 6143 (Can’t back up company file). However, if the error persists or if you experience any problems, call our specialists at +1-866-987-9950, and our QuickBooks error support team of experts and certified ProAdvisors will make sure to give you prompt technical support. We have unmatched support services that are available around-the-clock to help you.