Do you think technology is hard to access? When you have smartphone in hand, what is hard to access? Nothing. One thing is crystal clear that mobile or smartphones have made things easier to access. And it all happens with apps available for every practical task. With such advancement in technology, accounting firms or CPAs, just like all the rest, are becoming more independent on their smartphones to access accounting data.

mobile accounting

This gives rise to mobile accounting, which has now become the norm in fact-rapid world. Today, accounting firms are moving to mobile accounting to enjoy it in the future. Is mobile accounting (MA) really a future of CPAs?

Let’s dive in below.

Reasons why mobile accounting is the future of CPAs

#CPAs can work from anywhere

Mobile is a hand-friendly device which you can take anywhere worldwide. Being such a tiny technology device, smartphones have enables CPAs and firms to work from anywhere worldwide. Today, accountants are already using Quickbooks and cloud accounting right. With mobile accounting, accessing data and files have become much easier. Additionally, collaboration and communication have also become much easier and instant. You have option to retrieve data and crucial statements notes in real-time.

#Up-to-date and convenient bookkeeping

How does mobile accounting help with bookkeeping? CPAs and accountants use MA application to perform the given function:

  • – Create and send voice
  • – Track time and billable hours
  • – Perform bank reconciliations
  • – Add receipts and submit expenses

To perform these functions with mobile devices make things convenient for accounting firms and CPAs. It also enhances the productivity of your work which you do virtually.

#Easy to collaborate with multiple users

Today, accountants need people to work for them and with them right. As mobile accounting grows and work on internet and allows users who are located at various geographical location works on the same file simultaneously. Collaboration is important in today’s accounting sector that’s why mobile accounting helps companies to collaborate effectively. With mobile accounting, you can work smoothly, if all the users are using multiple devices and operating systems.

#Enhance productivity and efficiency

Today, mobile accounting apps have robust features that can help CPAs boost efficiency and boost productivity of the business in real time. As a business, if you have recurring invoices that you send every month, mobile accounting is here to benefit you by allowing you to duplicate these invoices. For better performance of your work, make sure to hire virtual accounting services in Dallas at pocket-friendly prices.

#Integrate technology in daily work

Technology plays a great role no matter what. And smartphone has made things much easier to access information and data for accounting firms and CPAs. So being an accounting firm, accounting data from invoice or bank statements become easier to access. When you switch your work to mobile-technology, sooner your team become teach-savvy. However, it will take you some time to learn new accounting apps. But once you become familiar with the technology, you’ll end up working faster and smarter.

#Protect client’s data

Protection of data is important for every firm to keep it secure from any kind of threat and cyber-attack. As the technology is advancing, data and information security has become important as well. However, with the MA, you get digital management of such information in a secure repository which you can access through a secure mobile app and can share using a secure online transmission.

Mobile accounting protects your data from any loss and breach more effectively as you compare it with paper work. No doubt, mobile technology makes work much easier and secure from any kind of spamming and hacking.

The bottom line

So we have come to the end of this article. I hope you liked this article and found it informative. Today, mobile technology is a growing trend. As a CPA firm, if you really want stay ahead in accounting field, then you must focus on adopting and integrating mobile accounting. Not only do you make accounting work easier, but also enhance the productivity of your work. When you’re ready to work with MA or apps, make sure to choose wisely.

Let us also know what’s your take on mobile accounting? For any query and information, get in touch with us here.