How Do I Fix the 100060 QuickBooks POS Error?

We’ll talk about QuickBooks POS Error 100060 in this article. This type of error indicates that the system is unable to create some crucial records. Such errors might happen for a number of different causes. And we’ll be talking about how to fix them in this article.

Error code 100060 in QuickBooks: QuickBooks POS was unable to create some required accounts in your QuickBooks. If you get the QuickBooks Error 100060 while using QuickBooks POS, it means that a few necessary accounts could not be created in the system. This error notice could also appear if you are executing a Financial Exchange in an account for the first time.

There are two potential causes of QuickBooks Error 100060:

  • The account may have already been open at the time of the initial financial transaction.
  • It’s possible that the user who is now logged in does not have administrator rights for QuickBooks.

Fixing QuickBooks POS Error 100060: Steps

If you saw that the account was already active in QuickBooks POS at the initial financial transaction, then,

Open QuickBooks in Step 1.

Step 2: Select Preferences from the Edit menu, then go to Accounting.

Step 3: Go to Company Preferences and uncheck the box next to “Use account numbers.”

Step 4: Click OK now.

Step 5: Next, carry out a Financial Exchange from QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Step 6: In QuickBooks, select Accounting from the Edit option under Preferences.

Step 7: To reactivate the account number feature, select Company Preferences and click the Use account numbers checkbox.

Step 8: Click “OK.”

If the user who is now logged in does not have administrator rights for QuickBooks, then take the following actions:

Step 1: In the Point of Sale Company Preferences, click on Cancel.

Step 2: In QuickBooks, you must select File and then Close Company/Logoff.

Step 3: Next, you may choose Open on the No Company Open screen.

Step 4: Log into the company file as the Administrator and select Window and then Close All.

Step 5: In Point of Sale, select File and then select Preferences as Company.

Step 6: Select Accounts under the Financial preference head and verifies that all accounts under the Basic tab and the Advanced tab has no brackets.

In the event if any accounts still had brackets and the correct account could not be selected from the drop-down list, proceed to create the following accounts in QuickBooks:

  1. Select Lists in QuickBooks, then select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select New by tapping Account in the lower left corner of the screen.
  3. Select an appropriate account type and name the Account, filling the additional fields as required wherever.
  4. After selecting OK, close the chart of accounts.

Close and reopen the Company Preferences window in Point of Sale. Following that, you can choose Accounts checking in both basic and advanced modes. At this point, there shouldn’t be any brackets.

We hope the straightforward instructions provided in the two solutions above helped you fix your QuickBooks problem 100060. However, if you have been unable to fix your problems thus far, we advise you to call the QuickBooks POS Support Number and speak with a support agent for technical support.

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