How Can QuickBooks Error 143 Be Fixed?

Simple algorithms are used by QuickBooks to provide a better and more streamlined accounting operating system. QuickBooks, which is used by millions of business owners worldwide, provides a variety of financial services on a computer system running the Windows operating system. By reducing the need for the accounting department, you can save time and money.

However, when faults like QuickBooks Error 143 remain unfixed in the system, they raise serious concerns. Such errors produce a backlog in your job. Before attempting to solve the problem, it is critical to comprehend their nature and genesis. To assist you in recovering your system from the mistake, the Accounting Errors Help Team will walk you through the lesson and troubleshooting approach in this article.

QuickBooks Error 143:

On the internet, there isn’t enough information on this problem. Without some technical support, it is even more frustrating to comprehend and troubleshoot it. However, the following message is displayed in the dialogue box when this problem occurs on your screen: “SQL Error: Error-143: Column Length not found (52003)”.

Recognizing The Cause Of QuickBooks Error 143:

This problem happens when you attempt to utilise a Web Connector to run a SQL statement on your QuickBooks Desktop.

Getting rid of QuickBooks Error 143

Since Web Connector enables you to connect QuickBooks with external services, it’s possible that this is the cause. To permanently resolve this problem, adhere to the options listed above:

1. First Solution: Reinstalling QuickBooks

Reinstalling QuickBooks ought to fix the problem. If not, we will attempt to repair the Web Connector:

  • Press the Start button after opening your desktop with administrator privileges.
  • Launch Windows File Explorer, then proceed as follows:
  • C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooksDesktop\YourCompanyName.qbw
  • Take a copy of the information there and save it on your local drive.
  • Place the QuickBooks CD-ROM in and then exit File Explorer.
  • On the prompt that appears on the screen, select Install Now.
  • You will be able to see that QuickBooks Desktop is already set up on your PC.
  • The option to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop will be presented to you.
  • Complete the re-installation by adhering to the instructions.
  • You can now update QuickBooks Components by seeing an update request.
  • The issue ought to be rectified right away.

2. Second Solution:

You can try this technique to fix the error if the first one didn’t work for you:

  • Close QuickBooks, then deactivate the Web Connector.
  • Visit this location: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QBWebConnector\log.
  • File QWCLOG.TXT should now be called QWCLOGOLD.TXT.
  • To access it, turn on the Web Connector once more. The QWCLOG.TXT file will be recreated.
  • QuickBooks Desktop should be dimmed before being turned back on. Access it now to find the problem permanently solved.

You should be able to permanently fix QuickBooks Error 143 using these easy solutions offered by our Accounting Errors support staff.

Please call us at +1 (800) 443-6819 if you require any additional information or assistance in resolving QuickBooks Error 193. Our team of professionals can assist you with troubleshooting the mistake and getting your QuickBooks software back up and running efficiently. We are accessible to offer support and direction. To find out more, call us right away.