Best Solutions for QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 175305

Users can move data between their remote stores and corporate headquarters using QuickBooks Store Exchange. You can encounter QuickBooks Error 175305 when launching the shop exchange. You are unable to update the transactions due to the issue, which could be bad for business. Use the remedies recommended by experts to eliminate QuickBooks Error 175305.

This blog post that we’ve provided for you outlines five solutions to this Point of Sale problem.

Top 5 Solutions for QuickBooks Point of Sale’s Store Exchange Error 175305

The process of updating the transactions of your remote stores can be hampered by the store exchange error 175305 in QuickBooks Point of Sale. Therefore, use the five fixes our point of sale expert team has recommended to continuously updating these transactions with any errors.

Solution 1: Give Admin access to QuickBooks

Usually, we neglect to grant admin rights to the network when using QuickBooks in the multi-user mode. You can fix QuickBooks Error 175305 by granting the user network admin permissions by following the procedures in this solution.

  1. QuickBooks Desktop should be closed.
  2. Go to the Windows Start menu next.
  3. Select the User Accounts option after launching the Control Panel.
  4. For the QuickBooks version you are using, find QBDataServiceUserXX. You should be aware that
  5. QBDataServiceUser30 will be present in QuickBooks Desktop 2020 for your information. QuickBooks 2019 will
  6. Include QBDataServiceUser29. In other words, the number drops when you switch to the earlier version.
  7. Select Administrator by clicking on Change the account type next.
  8. Select Modify Account Type.
  9. To save your changes, click the Apply button that appears on your screen.
  10. Keep in mind to repeat this procedure for every QuickBooks Database Server Manager update.

You can now use your QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your network by doing the aforementioned steps.

Solution 2: Modify the Store Exchange communication Method

In order to resolve QuickBooks Error 175305, we will modify the store exchange preference. By changing the existing store exchange communication mechanism, you can fix the shop exchange error in QuickBooks Point of Sale. The steps to doing that are shown below.

  1. Go to the File menu.
  2. Click on Preferences and then Company.
  3. Now use the Multi-Store dropdown menu to choose Store Exchange.
  4. You must see what your current preference is.
  5. Click on Not Used for each store before selecting Save.
  6. Now re-launch the Company Preferences window.
  7. Next, you must fill in the original company preference you noted in the above step.
  8. Click on Save.
  9. At last, Run another cycle of store exchange.

Solution 3: Launch the Stex Tool for Clear Store Exchange

In both your corporate office and outlying stores, you must use the Clear Store Exchange stex tool. The steps to complete the same are shown below.

  1. You must first download the Clear Store Exchange sTE tool onto your computer using your online browser.
  2. A zip file is used to store the tool file.
  3. The file must now be unzipped by clicking on it.
  4. Double-click the icon to start using the tool.
  5. Conduct a second shop swap.

Solution 4: To resolve QuickBooks Error 175305, Change Each Store’s Password

When a store’s password is inconsistent, QuickBooks Error 175305 may occur. We will therefore assist you in creating unique passwords for each of your stores using this method.

  1. First, click on the File menu.
  2. Choose Preferences and then the Company option.
  3. Now from the Multi-Store, click on Store Exchange.
  4. Navigate to the Options tab.
  5. Choose Change Password.
  6. You must now create the same passwords similar to all the stores.
  7. Run another store exchange and see if QuickBooks Error 175305 still appears.

Solution 5: Add QuickBooks POS ports to the firewall

Try adding the Point of Sale ports to the firewall if the aforementioned options did not work to resolve the QuickBooks Point of Sale problem 175305. This method can change the programme, therefore we advise caution.

  1. Use your keyboard to press the Windows + R key simultaneously.
  2. This will open the run command window.
  3. Enter Control Panel where you see the cursor and click OK.
  4. You will see Control Panel appear in front of you.
  5. Click on Windows Firewall.
  6. Choose the Advanced Settings option and select Inbound.
  7. Press the New Rule button.
  8. Choose Port and then Next.
  9. Use the following reference to fill in the port numbers and click on the Next button.
    • TCP (Incoming): 8040, 8443, 8036, 8035, 8025, 8024, 46228, 46225, 46216-46220, 46203, 2638, 443
    • UDP (Outgoing): 8036, 8035, 8024, 2638
  10. Now pick the Allow Connection option and click on Next.
  11. Give a name to the firewall port (such as POS).
  12. Soon after, click on Finish
  13. After the inbound rules, repeat the above steps for the Outbound Rule option.

We anticipate that this post about QuickBooks Error 175305 will be valuable and useful in resolving the problem. Get in touch with Point of Sale Professionals if you require more assistance if the issue seems to recur frequently. The toll-free number +1 (800) 443-6819 is open round-the-clock and is where you can reach our team of professionals.