Best Solutions for Fixing QuickBooks Error 6000 77

One of the annoying errors that crop up regularly in QuickBooks is error 6000 77. Let’s explore what it covers, why it manifests, and how to properly address it. QuickBooks is a flexible accounting programme that offers its users a wide range of options to increase business productivity. However, QB may occasionally display signs of accessibility issues and even a backend problem that prevents the user from doing any actions.

Users may encounter a technical snag such as QuickBooks error 6000 77 when they are unable to open their company file. The problem primarily occurs when the multi-user mode is activated, but users in the single-user mode may also experience it. The goal of this article is to give you all the knowledge you need to comprehend and fix this problem on your own.

What does error code 6000 77 in QuickBooks Desktop mean?

QuickBooks Desktop Error 6000 77

QB error code 6000 77, which is categorised as a company file error, appears when a user tries to open a data file but is unable to do so due to damage in the same file. A subtext stating “We’re sorry” also appears on the screen when the issue occurs. A challenge was experienced by QuickBooks. When the software is restarted, additional instances of the bug are displayed on the screen.

What Causes Error 6000 77 in QuickBooks When Opening Company File?

We must examine the variables that first cause QuickBooks error -6000, -77 in order to better comprehend it. The following are some of the most prevalent reasons for the error:

  1. The application can stop working properly if the user repeatedly clicks on the QB icon.
  2. Putting the company’s data file on a cloud-based service or external storage.
  3. A QB multi-user network that is incorrectly configured.
  4. The firm file folder’s access was granted with insufficient permissions.
  5. Damage to the business file, the network data file, the transaction log file, or any combination of these.
  6. Incorrect firewall configurations on the device.

What are the signs of the 6000 77 error code in QuickBooks?

The following is a list of indicators you can check in your QuickBooks programme and computer system to confirm QuickBooks error message 6000 77-

  • Accessing the company’s data file is impossible.
  • It’s possible for the QuickBooks screen to suddenly cease responding or become blank.
  • The application’s buttons and tabs stop working as clickable or selectable options.
  • It’s possible that the user won’t be able to switch to any other app that’s open on the device.
  • The system can abruptly and erratically shut down.

How to Fix the 6000 77 QuickBooks Company File Error?

Let’s move on to the more important portion of the blog, where we will be talking about how to properly fix issue 6000 77 in QuickBooks.

Option 1 – Obtain the Company File via a Different Route

QuickBooks automatically opens the data file when it is opened. Although this is not a problem, repeatedly opening it could leave it subject to problems. Try these steps instead to open the file in a different way.

  • Right-click the QB icon located on your desktop.
  • On your keyboard, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting QB > Run as Administrator.
  • Release the key only after being shown the No Company Open popup.
  • These actions prevent QuickBooks from automatically opening the company file.
  • When the window appears, tap the File tab and choose “Open or Restore Company” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • The next step is to select “Open a company file” and press the Next key.
  • Choose the Network option, then navigate to the folder containing your company file.
  • Select the data file you want to open, then click Open. The fault is fixed if the file opens up without any problems.

Option 2 – Transfer the Data File to a New Folder

The folder or location where the company file is kept can occasionally become corrupted or inaccessible. You can resolve this by making a new folder on a drive that is easily accessible and moving your file there.

  1. Double-click on the This PC icon on your desktop and navigate to the C: drive folder.
  2. Create a new folder in the drive by right clicking and selecting New Folder. Name this folder as QB Test.
  3. Now, on the QuickBooks screen, press the F2 key to open the Product Information window.
  4. Copy the location of your company file and paste it into the search panel of the Windows Start menu.
  5. Once you are directed to the file folder, right-click on your company file (company_file.qbw) and tap on Copy.
  6. Go back to the QB Test folder, right-click and select Paste.
  7. Right-click on the folder and choose Properties to open a prompt box.
  8. Tap on the Security tab and choose the Advanced option.
  9. Select QBDataServiceUserXX, hit the Edit button, and enable the Allowed option for the following items –
    • Traverse Folder/Execute File
    • List Folder/Read Data
    • Read Attributes
    • Read Extended Attributes
    • Create Files/Write Data
    • Create Folders/Append Data
    • Write Attributes
    • Write Extended Attributes
    • Read Permissions
  10. Access QuickBooks Desktop and open your company data from QB Test folder.

Option 3 – Modify the QuickBooks Component File Extensions

Technical issues with QuickBooks might be caused by damaged component files. The present versions of these files must be rendered invalid in order for the new versions to function flawlessly.

  • To open the File Explorer window, simultaneously press the Windows key and the E key on your keyboard.
  • Paste this address into the search box at the top: Company Files are located under C:UsersPublicPublic
  • DocumentsIntuitQuickBooks.
  • This will lead you to the folder containing the files for your QB company.
  • The Network Data file and the Transaction Log file (company file.qbw.nd and company file.qbw.tlg) can be found here.
  • One of these files can be renamed by selecting it from the context menu, then adding the extension “.old.” In
  • The other file (company file.qbw.nd.old and company file.qbw.tlg.old), repeat the same steps.
  • Newer versions of these files will be generated automatically the next time QB is opened.

Option 4- Utilize QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is a quick and efficient solution to fix corrupted and damaged files and remove errors. Install this tool completely after downloading it from the official website. Open the tool, then look for the error-containing file. If necessary, enter the username and password, then restart the computer to apply the changes.

Option 5- General Steps to Fix the Issue

Apart from the detailed resolutions, users can consider these easy and efficient fixes to resolve their errors:

Reboot the System

Give QuickBooks permission for the majority of items, then restart the computer to make the adjustments take effect. The small issues and hiccups brought on by restricted permissions ought to be fixed by this step.

Move Company File to Local Drive

Move the company file to a local or network drive if it was kept on an external storage device to resolve the problem. Shifting the QBW file will allow you to open it and check for errors.

Change QB settings and pick the appropriate server

If the mapped disc is mentioned in the QuickBooks business file, change the settings to the appropriate server. It entails:

  • Select the Open or Restore option from the File menu.
  • Select Network Place > Open a company file.
  • Choose the server storing the corporate file under the Entire Network option. Lastly, reboot the computer to see if the fix was successful.

Bottom Line

Our blog post about QuickBooks Error 6000 77 is now complete. Hopefully, our sincere attempts to explain the problem’s roots, symptoms, and solutions were received by you with encouragement. It is preferable to let our professionals handle this mistake if you are still having trouble with it. Call +1 (800) 443-6819 to speak with a crew member right away.