Data transfer between the bank’s website and QuickBooks is hampered by these technical problems.

What Leads to QuickBooks Error 102?

If you’re experiencing errors in your QuickBooks Online account, there is a good chance that an error code called “102” is involved. The most frequent association with this code is issues with the banking system.

  • Internet Issue
  • Network equipment crash
  • Inaccurate bank account login

Fixing QuickBooks Error Code 102: Steps

Verify whether your credit card or banking website is undergoing any maintenance. Try manually updating your QuickBooks Online account if no maintenance is being done.
You can view additional details by clicking the Update symbol in the upper right corner. In the off-peak hours, we advise you to perform three manual upgrades.

Solution 1: Automatic Updates

When QuickBooks is unable to get information from a specific bank account it will then try to get the update five more times, during the next five hours. What the bank shares with us determines the information we receive. While we cannot turn on or off the auto-update and the items that are downloaded, we can see the time of updates by following these steps:

  • From the left menu select Banking.
  • On the right corner select the update button
  • You will the date and time of the last update on the last updated column.

Solution 2: Manual Update

Some accounts need to be manually updated. If that happens, you will be notified, or if you don’t see the necessary information after the automatic update, you may need to perform a manual update. You can perform the manual update by doing the following.

  • From the left menu select Banking.
  • Click on Clear Unwanted accounts, i.e. the accounts you do not want to update if you want to update some specific accounts.
  • Select update now.
  • When promoted enter the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and then click on Continue to update.

Generally, a manual update will ensure that for the next 90 days the updates are done.

Solution 3: Login Information

Make sure you can access your banking website using your online banking credentials. If you are unable to do this because of the QuickBooks error code 102, try troubleshooting the problem and downloading the transaction from QuickBooks Online.

  • From the left menu select Banking.
  • Search for the bank’s name if you have not linked to the bank account.
  • If the bank account is already linked then select Add account and then search for the bank’s name.
  • Select the name of the bank.
  • For the bank’s website enter the UserID /Login ID and password and then click on Continue.
  • If prompted then do follow further security verification steps and then select Connect securely.
  • Select the bank symbol and the type of account you want to connect from the drop-down menu.
  • You have to choose either a bank or a credit card account. In case you do not have an account click on add new and create one.
  • Once connected QuickBooks will automatically download 90 days transaction of your banking and credit card.
  • Select connect.
  • After the completion of the download, it will go back to the banking page and there will be a review tab.
  • It will have the downloaded transaction that you can review and accept.

Solution 4: Account Information or notification

After successfully signing in, if your bank sends you a warning message, see if you can access your account summary, history, and transaction information without any problems.

Solution 5: Server Issue

  • If it is a bank server issue you have to wait for the bank to fix it before trying.

Solution 6: New Account

  • If your account is new sometimes it does not work online.
  • If that is the case contact the bank or your credit card company.

If you find any of these steps difficult and you still complain about QuickBooks error code 102 then get in touch with Consultant.