Running an accounting firm is not an easy task at all. You have to keep a keen eye on your accounting activities and business finance. Whether you run a small accounting firm or big, you have to keep a track of your business finance. To keep accurate track of business finance, you have to maintain proper bookkeeping of your business. When it comes to maintain bookkeeping, accounting firms start hiring bookkeeper for their business to keep accurate record of accounts. If you already have a bookkeeper and still your business finances aren’t on track that means there is something fishy. And it shows a sign of bad bookkeeper.

But how do you know you have a bad bookkeeper? Here I’m going to enlist some signs to reveal you’re working with a bad bookkeeper.

Let’s get to it.

Some signs help you identify you have a bad bookkeeper

The below given points will help you identify that you have a bad bookkeeper in your company.

✑ Not have proper understanding of bookkeeping

The very first sign of a bad bookkeeper is that they don’t have proper understanding of bookkeeping and don’t have proper knowledge about it. A bookkeeper having no knowledge of bookkeeping will keep your business jeopardy. So avoid hiring such bookkeeper that doesn’t have extensive knowledge in this field.

✑ Mistakes occurring frequently

A healthy bookkeeping is one which is made without making mistakes. That’s where accuracy comes in the forefront. Critical financial information is important to successfully running a business. If you have a bad bookkeeper working with you, you will get to experience a frequent mistakes making by them. This happens when your bookkeeping is not experienced. So avoid hiring fresher one who doesn’t have relevant years of experience in this field.

✑ They don’t provide you accurate reports

To know about your business finances, you need company’s accurate report. Your company’s report must include assets, liabilities, cash flow, income statement, and balance sheet as well. If your bookkeeper doesn’t provide you accurate financial reports then means he’s not well at making right decision making. With proper financial report, you learn to grow your business. Also, I would recommend you to outsource bookkeeping services in Honolulu at cost-effective prices. By outsourcing bookkeeping services, you grow your business.

✑ Slow response time

When working with bad bookkeeper, you experience slow response time from them. Let me tell you that slow response time shows the inability of work performance. As a business, you will want reports of your business finances so that you can see how your business is growing and will grow in the future. In fact, slow response time also shows a personality of your bookkeeper as well. So make sure to clarify everything with the bookkeeper you’re hiring.

✑ No proper or disorganized financial records

Another sign of a bad bookkeeper is that you have improper and disorganized financial reports. A financial report of your business is important as it helps grow your business in the future. A financial report of your company includes receipts, bank statement, invoice, payroll records, and many more. If your financial reports are not properly maintained and secure, then you will face difficulty during tax season. Moreover, your business may also miss out on tax deductions and credits.

The bottom line

So these are some of the signs which help you find out that you’re working with a bad bookkeeper. Employing such bookkeeper will result in destroying your business. That’s why avoid making this mistake otherwise it will be like digging a hole for yourself. In case, you’re struggling to maintain your business accounting then outsourcing accounting services in Phoenix is the best option you can go with. Otherwise, Kayabooks is here to help you with accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, payroll, and everything related to business finance.

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