Whether you’re into marketing business, textile business, electricity business, or healthcare business, one thing you will definitely need is accounting software. No doubt, right software can have a positive impact on maintaining your business’ billing, or collections. Particularly talking about healthcare industry, medical accounting software include common features like payable/receivable, general ledger, etc. Other support features include applications like billing to insurance companies or Medicare. Since the covid-19 pandemic hit the world, the numbers of healthcare industries have grown tremendously. If you’re also running a healthcare industry, it is very important for you to use accounting software so that you can easily manage your clients’ bills and other documents related to finance.

Therefore, in this article, I will talk about 5 accounting software that will be suitable to maintain records of your healthcare industry. Let’s dive right in and read thoroughly.

The best 5 accounting software you must use for your healthcare industry

1. Horizon ERP

The first accounting software for healthcare industry comes in the list is Horizon ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). If you are a start-up, SEMs, agency or an enterprise, this software is for you. This is simple billing software with complete inventory and accounts modules. The software is fast, reliable, and easy to maintain. It has simple user interface that helps faster learning curve. Moreover, its robust platform can easily handle hundred thousand invoices per financial year. Horizon ERP presents users with unique set of features combining core billing capabilities for GST.

Key features of Horizon ERP include:

  • Multiple classification of items
  • Auto backup & view item purchases & billing history
  • Discount & scheme management
  • Receivables & payables
  • Multiple pricelist

Pricing: The pricing plan starts at $150.00 as a one-time payment. You will not get any free version but it does provide a free trial.

2. Zipbooks

The second software you have for your healthcare industry is Zipbooks. It is very simple and easy to use cloud based accounting and inventory software designed specifically for small businesses. With this software, you can easily access to all essential accounting, inventory, sales, and purchase features. Moreover, it also enables you to streamline your financial operations and enhance business productivity. Well, you can buy this online accounting software through SAAS payment options with free trail available. It also allows users to create customized invoices with logos, themes, and messages.

Key features of Zipbooks include:

  • Financial management & cash management
  • Income statement, EMI calculator
  • Track account
  • Import & export data
  • Loan management

Pricing: Zipbooks offers 4 pricing plans. First is free plan with no time limit while the rests are paid one. You can also use 30 days free trail to check out its functionality.

3. Alpha Books

Another software occupying the list of healthcare industry is Alpha Books. This is cloud based online accounting platform, which is designed especially for the healthcare industry. The fundamental modules this software provides to you include financial management, inventory management, invoice and much more. The software is most suitable for small business and fulfils business needs. For instance, invoice, invoice remainder, sending automatic emails, categorize income and expenses, providing dashboard and details income and expense reports.

Key features of Alpha Books include:

  • Multi location
  • Financial management
  • Inventory management
  • Invoice
  • Taxation management
  • Product database

Pricing: The price of this system will only be seen on request.

4. Sage 50cloud

Next healthcare accounting software is Sage 50cloud. Like Alpha Books, this software is also especially designed for healthcare industry. It provides fundamental modules such as expenses, accounts payable, Payroll management, etc. Well, this software helps you spend less time managing your accounts and more time developing your business. It also provides easy to use interface helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to operate effectively and efficiently.  Sage 50cloud is renowned software amongst the businesses in the accounting industry.

Key features of Sage 50cloud include:

  • Payment processing
  • Cash management, tax management, payroll management and spend management
  • General ledger
  • Expense tracking
  • Billing & invoicing

Pricing: Sage 50cloud offers you three plans. Pro accounting at $29.08/month, premium accounting at $45.75/month, and quantum accounting at $124.92/month.

5. QuickBooks

The last accounting software available for healthcare industry is QuickBooks. This is one of the most renowned software available in the market. This is basically a GST software for healthcare industry. With this software any business can stay on top of their finance. It provides easy to use interface, with 100% data security, provide highly accurate analysis of your taxes, challan, and many other financial documents. It also helps in boosting workflows and automates most of your regular tasks.

Key features of QuickBooks include:

  • Time tracking, payroll management
  • Tax management, cash management, expense management, and cash flow management
  • Cloud-based, online banking
  • Multi-currency
  • Backup & restore
  • Accounting reports
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Online banking integration

Pricing: QuickBooks pricing plan starts at $5.00/month, per user. You won’t get any free user. But you can avail free trail to see the functionality of the software.

Final words

So finally you have come to the conclusion of this article. I hope you have thoroughly read about every software mentioned above. Each software is productive in its own way offering different pricing plan to their users. Now it is up to you which software you want to go with to manage your financial reports in healthcare industry. Just take a good decision as the ball is in your court.

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