If you’re running a business, you would have employees whom you pay every month salary, right. Well, it is not an easy task to pay salary to employees without maintaining a record. Must remember that a proper record is required to maintain the salary, compensation, leave, and other matters related to employees. So to maintain employees salary record a term ‘Payroll applies to this. It basically refers to the list of employees that receive compensations from a company. So if you’re reading this article, I guess, you’re probably in search of software for payroll services, right. Well, there are dozens of payroll software you can find in the market. But you no need to wonder here and there in search for software. This article is a definitive guide that will enlist 5 best software for your payroll services.  

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So read the article thoroughly and choose the best software for your business. Let’s now get started and jump in.

Top 5 Payroll services software for your business

1. Intuit Online Payroll (IOP)

The first payroll software in the list is for big businesses that have many clients and employees. This software center for all of a bookkeeper’s accounts manageable from one place and easily integrates with our QuickBooks and intuit software. It lets you accurately pay employees and access payroll. In fact, intuit is an affordable and powerful payroll solution for managing your employees financial records.

Key features of Intuit Online Payroll

➣ You get unlimited payroll runs

➣ Direct deposits

➣ Employee portal

➣ Automated tax calculations and filing

➣ Easy to use interface and payroll tax help

Pricing: Intuit charges you for a monthly basis costing amount $5/month. The software also has many other plans offering paid features.

2. Gusto

Another payroll software you can go with is Gusto. This is beautifully designed, full- service payroll with abundance of features. Let me tell you that Gusto is one of the most user-friendly solutions available in the market right now. You get impressive services with this software such as workers compensations administrations, automatic state new-hire form filling, local, state, and federal payroll tax filling, etc. However the con of Gusto is that it doesn’t provide 24/7 customer support.

Key features of Gusto

➣ Automated tax, automated tasks

➣ Employee database, employee management and on boarding

➣ HR management

➣ Workers compensations insurance

➣ Retirement plan management

➣ QuickBooks integration

Pricing: Gusto offers you 4 plans starting with basic plan costing $19/month, core plan $12/month, complete plan $39/month, and concierge plan $149/month.

3. QuickBooks Online Payroll

QuickBooks online payroll is known as the queen of payroll services in the market. No doubt, it is one of the most popular payroll services available in the market. The software also offers health benefits to its users by signing up for a group health insurance plan. Let me tell you that this service is only available to QuickBooks Online users. And it doesn’t take much time in activating this service. This software is especially designed to handle small businesses.

Key features of QuickBooks Online Payroll

➣ Direct deposit for employees

➣ No penalties guaranteed

➣ Email subscription for critical notices

➣ Client ready payroll reports

➣ Filing as a reporting agent

➣ Free expert support

Pricing: QuickBooks Online Payroll offers you many plans including basic $2/month per employee, and for standard plan there is no charge for adding employees.

4. Sage Payroll

Are you looking for the cheapest payroll service software? If yes, then Sage payroll is the one that fulfils your requirements. But as the software comes in cheap rates, it doesn’t provide you many feature unlike other software available in the market. However, the functionality of the software is great as compared to other software. In fact, Sage is best when it comes to security, your payroll information in the cloud is fully encrypted, and you can also customize the data here.

Key features of Sage Payroll

➣ Real time reporting

➣ Multiple format support

➣ Self-service portal

➣ Integration with Sage One Accounting

➣ Intuitive user interface

➣ Remote access to financial records & payslips

➣ Secure data storage

➣ Financial analysis

➣ Financial history

Pricing: You can avail one month free trail and then you have to pay for paid plan starting at $49.95/month.

5. SurePayroll

Last but not the least payroll service software you have in the list is SurePayroll. This is best software that serves the need of small business. There are some users who claim that this software has user-friendly and intuitive software. No doubt, the software is creating and managing employees’ records, processing payroll runs, handling related taxes, and keeping small businesses on the top. While using the software you will get a more state-of-the-art user experience.

Key features of SurePayroll

➣ Provides you support for multiple vertical payroll types

➣ New self-service level

➣ Helps you integrates with numerous accounting sites

➣ Provides throughout flexibility

➣ Amazing recordkeeping and payroll processing tools

Pricing: SurePayroll offers you two tier subscription services with the plan $29.99/month plus $5/employee per month, and new service is $19.99 per month plus $4/month per employee.

The ending

Here now completes the list of payroll services software. I hope you have thoroughly read about every software listed above. As per your needs, requirements and budget, you can select the software for managing your payroll services and keeping a good financial record of your employees. But, if you have any other query related to payroll services or business finance then you can get in touch with us.