Corporate Accounting: Everything to know

Accounting is an umbrella term for business finance. But there are other specific concepts within accounting which defines a particular accounting. And one such is corporate accounting. You shouldn’t find it heck because you all would know the meaning of corporate which is business and accounting you already know. To give you a little spoiler […]

What catch up accounting is and why you need it?

If you’re falling behind managing the business finances or falling back in bookkeeping, fret not. You have come to the right place. We at Kayabooks know that how important managing the business finance is for any company irrespective of the type and size of it. That’s why if you’re seeking for the option to keep […]

What are the types of accounting errors?

If you’re in accounting field, then you will be likely making errors time to time. And there is no doubt in that errors generally occur when the work is related to finance, money management, bookkeeping, and accounting. We all know that any error occurred in accounting field can kill the performance of your business and […]

What is the significance of recordkeeping in accounting?

Accounting is one of the most delicate industries among all. To thrive in this industry, you’re required to maintain proper record of your business. Of course, in every type, size, or kind of business, proper recording of accounting books is must. As you also know that principle of accounting is based on accurate and thorough […]

What Fiduciary accounting is all about?

Accounting is not a new term in present world. You all would be familiar with this term for sure. If I put a simple definition of it then –accounting is the process of recording money and finances of the company. Whether the business is small or large, a proper accounting record is must. Anyway, I’m […]

What are the financial issues accounting firms face?

Believe it or not, but the fact is, accounting industry has always been a challenging sector for sure. Those who’re into it and those who’re running an accounting firm, everyone will have to face some kind of challenge pertaining to business finance. Without a spec of doubt, managing business finance isn’t child’s game. It is […]

What you need to know about fund accounting?

Not every business runs on the account of profitability, there are some organizations (Especially non-profit organizations) that greatly work for the purpose of humanity. Their purpose is not to generate profit but to serve humanity. Anyway, such organizations do get donations, raise funds, and a lot more for that reason they need to have a […]

How to maintain accounting accuracy in the business?

Bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, taxation, accounting books and what not. There is a lot more to supervise when we talk about running a business that too with full efficacy. One thing is clear- the growth of business can only be seen when maintaining proper accounting accuracy. To keep up the pace of business growth, companies either […]

Skills required for becoming an accounting specialist

Accounting is the most crucial parts of any business and accountant plays a significant role in managing company’s finances and making financial decision. Every accountant is responsible for providing financial administration and advice to the clients and companies as well. When it comes to maintaining business finance, bookkeeping, accounting books, and taxation, accounting specialist is […]