How Artificial Intelligence can transform the Finance Industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new or anonymous word in today’s digital world. Isn’t it? However, the fact is, in the past 2-3 decades people weren’t aware of this term and the interesting thing is it’s been 6-7 decades to introduce this term. As the world is inclined towards more digital platforms, AI has […]

10 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tax Consultant

The word ‘tax’ can kill any businessman, isn’t it? Do you find it a joke? As a businessman, if you honestly pay taxes on time at the same rate without doing any scam or something, you’re golden! Therefore, it’s not a joke for you but could be (you’re wise enough to understand). However, any small […]

What are the different ways to pay tax returns?

Tax or taxation is an integral part of the government to boost the economy of the country to raise the standard of living of its citizens. Whatever country you live in, you’re bound to pay tax if your annual income exceeds normal income. The truth is, if you fail to pay tax on time, a […]

What does it mean by cash flow problems?

When you don’t know how to swim, and still get into water, what happens? Of course, you drown. Isn’t it? So when you are aware of something (that you aren’t efficient) and still perform that task, it leads to disaster. How about learning first and then perform the task? What the heck I am talking […]

Tax Compliance: everything you need to know

Let me begin by asking you a question – how many of you pay taxes? If you are earning beyond a certain limit then you’re liable to pay tax. For example in India, if you’re earning more than 2.5 lakhs per year, then your income is taxable. In the USA, if a person is earning […]

Best 5 Leading Technology for Tax

With the advancement in technology, every type or size of business is able to optimize their work effectively and efficiently. One thing is clear that technology has literally enhanced the way marketers do their business. Not only online marketing, but also accounting sector is rapidly transforming because of the availability of latest technologies, software, and […]

How Small Business Can Take Benefit from Cash Flow Management?

Let me start this article by asking you a question – what do you do to keep your business healthy and prosperous? Believe it or not, but a good health of any business depends upon its finance. If you have a proper eye on your business finances, you can have a secure business future. There […]

Are You Ready for Making Your Business Tax Digital?

Tax is one of the scariest words for small and medium size business. Undoubtedly, it can make or break your business. Tax is mandatory for every person to pay who is earning a certain limit of amount where tax is applicable. Whatever country you live in, if you’re earning beyond the limit then you are […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Small Business Tax Accountant

One of the most stressful tasks for any small or large scale business is management of taxation. Ask any businessman how their life gets stressful and complicated during tax session or audit. The stress gets doubled when businesses try to manage taxes for both professional and personal life. How much tax you need to pay […]

The Best Time for Start-ups to Hire Small Business Tax Accountant

Have you just started your business? If yes, how you’re going about managing it. Well, after setting up a business, businessman still needs someone who can advise them in their financial matter. Same way you may also be seeking for someone who can advise you in financial matters. They can be related to anything be […]